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    I am wondering if anyone has worked for a company called "Healthwaves". They are a corporate wellness/lab testing agency that will come on site to your workplace or to grocery stores to conduct cholesterol screenings, bone density, body fat, step cardio test, etc. They have RN positions as well as entry level positions.

    I am very interested in health and fitness and am entering nurse assisting classes in the fall. Soon, I will have to drop down to part time work and when I previewed this company's website, it looked like the perfect job for me. They will train me for phlebotomy also, since I don't have ANY experience right now. The HR lady called me today and said she was interested and to submit my resume. Just wondered if anyone knew anything about this it is to work for them, pay scales, flexibility, etc. I think predominantly this company is in the Southwest. I am in Arizona. Here is a link to the site:

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