Health Insurers:Spreading Risk or Avoiding Risk

  1. This article isn't cute, funny, or inspiring, but it is important information.

    I recommend everyone read this article by the consumer advocate group Public Citizen. It is imperative for all of us to educate ourselves about what is going on. It eventually touches all our lives.
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  3. by   Mijourney
    Hi Peggy. Thanks for bringing this article to our attention. Insurers avoid risk. It hurts their bottom line. I'm for national health insurance if it will take the wind out of the sail of insurance companies. Also, I've read that insurers have been saying that they have been paying alot out in pharmaceuticals. Do you think national insurance can burst the pharmaceutical industry's balloon too?

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  4. by   CEN35
    Intresting, no ccomment right now. Waits and watches.

  5. by   PeggyOhio
    It's funny you bring up the pharmaceutical companies. Dennis Kucinich a congressman from my area, apparently thinks the pharmaceutical companies are partly to blame for the nursing shortage. Here is a link. Pharma mergers

    He is apparently requesting hearings on the subject. This is the first I've heard of this theory, and frankly I'm not sure I get it.