Headsets and ENT infections

  1. I'm in NYC, where people constantly wear iPOD earbuds and other types of headsets. Has anyone else noted an increase patients with Eustachian tube, sinus or ear infections? People here also share these headsets and NEVER seem to clean them. I've had a lot of patients complain of constant ear popping etc, but they get annoyed when I try to relate it to headset/earbud use. Anybody got any ideas or literature to back this up? Thanks.
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  3. by   ginger58
    I think we all could get rich going into the hearing aid business! Young people are going to lose their hearing early because they don't realize the damage decibels can do to the ears, whether it's buds or loud music in the car.
    I find that headsets cause increased moisture but I don't use them often enough to have any untoward effects.
    I would think the popping is due to the noise. I'm not sure I'd be worried about sharing.