hazard pay

  1. Dispatch in our hospital get .75 cents extra an hour for "hazard pay". That is, for handling hazardous waste eg, BAGGED soiled diapers, BAGGED garbage, Bagged biohazard items. Bagged soiled laundry. We nurses, who handle hazard directly from the source do not get hazard pay. Our harzards are not nicely bundled up for handling. Is is enough to say it's part of the job? I think we should work on comission, eg. a dollar for every bm we have do deal with, diarrhea of course would be extra as it would take longer to clean up. All other orifice donations would have a price. It's only fair!
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  3. by   canoehead
    I would like to second that! Once nursing properly packages it the waste should be safe (unless they start digging around in it with their bare hands!) We deal with messes, plus splashing, splurting, and projective hazards that come out without warning. We should get hazard plus gross out pay

    Ya know, I've wondered this myself. When I'm doing circs in the nursery, and the dispatch/transportation people come in triple gloved and in freakin moonwalker suits to pick them up! Guess who washed them and triple bagged them before you would even come within 100 yards of this nursery?

    Once again, the dangers and responsibilities of nursing are underestimated...