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I'm looking for nurses who have served travel assignments in Hawaii. Did you have a good or bad experience with any certain agencies or facilities? I'm looking for my first travel assignment there... Read More

  1. by   ohbet
    I live and work in Hawaii as a Nurse and I know travel agency nurses who both love and dislike working at our hospital.One wanted to stay and live here and the hospital hired her.Another couldnt wait to quit. The one who stayed enjoyed the less hectic pace of the work our hospital,the one who left couldnt stand management ,or some staff
  2. by   live4today
    As a former traveling nurse who worked at Kuakini Medical some years ago, here is my perspective on the state:

    The unit I worked on was in a new building which was nice. However, when we had to float into the older hospital, that's when I saw the cockroaches everyone else here is talking about. I was dating an Island man, and the native staff did not like it one bit. The staff (doctors included) think nurses from the Mainland are waaaayyyyy too "independent" for their taste. The males there are use to being "in charge" of their women...and the women use to "cowing down" to the men. Well......need I say how that train of thought rubbed the Mainland nurses?

    You'll either like or hate Hawaii......doesn't seem to be anything in between those two thoughts to choose from because there is nothing mediocre about that state.

    It's a nice place to visit and vacation......but, a poor choice of places to set up housekeeping for any length of time......the schools are terrible, educationally the Island ranks in the bottom ten out of all the states.....the food, clothing, housing, and everything else there is extremely expensive. I would NOT have chosen to live there.

    The best part of my stay in Hawaii was Jason Kealiinohomoku! :blushkiss Oh...and the Hawaiian Parade there around Labor Day.
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