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Hi there. Well, I made it... I am going to graduate in December and will take the NCLEX ASAP after that. Right now, I am looking for a job (they encourage us to start looking now as nursing... Read More

  1. by   RNmom08
    Wow. Thank all of you for your responses.

    Also, I do not by any means feel that my "job" with my kids is insignificant. Honestly, being a responsible parent is THE MOST important job in the world IMHO. However, no matter what I feel about that, that is something that I have been told many times not to put on a resume besides the fact that family status may prejudice some to be against hiring a mom of 5. All I was saying is that my past work hx on paper makes me feel insignificant because I didn't feel it made me shine so to speak. Maybe I'm just too humble, my husband says I don't give myself enough credit - he's probably right. That's one of my downfalls I guess.

    Thank you all for your suggestions and off I go to create an awesome resume for myself thanks to you! THANKS AGAIN!!!!
  2. by   karmyk
    Quote from nurz2be
    I would put down for your experience all the clinical sites that you visited while you are in nursing school, (we were told by our instructors that hospitals like to see where new grads do their clinicals and it is legal and acceptable to call it "experience.").
    I'd like to echo this suggestion... also, if you get a chance to speak to a nursing recruiter from the hospital you're applying to, you can ask them what they look for in a resume. During a nurseweek nursing job fair, the recruiters from some hospitals I'm looking at specifically recommended that I list all of the sites for my clinical rotations (from med-surg to my preceptorship)... so I adjusted my resume accordingly.