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I am a new employee and recent graduate...During orientation, I was told many things that probably would make the DON mad..I followed what the other nurses told me to do.. During my evening shift... Read More

  1. by   mom4jesus
    This happened to me once. It really upset me because I didn't intend to get the other nurse in trouble. This is the story.
    I was evening charge nurse at a LTC facility. I came to work one evening and received report from the day nurse. This nurse stated that so and so's G-tube has been plugged since she came on shift at 7 am but she hadn't had a chance to get it unplugged. It just so happened that this patient also was a diabetic. She had not had any feedings or meds all day. Needless to say I was really upset. We didn't have any new lines or tubing or anything on our unit, so I ran to the other side of the facilitity and got what I needed. I put all new tubing ect up and got the feeding going in less that ten minutes. I watched patient closely and monitored blood sugar levels ect. I reported the incident to the on coming shift . When I came in the next day the DON took me aside and asked me what happened. I told her and then she informed me that they were terminating this nurse. The nurse was there at the time and started yelling at me and threatening me. She had to excorted out of the building by the administrator. I never intended to get her fired. I was only thinking about the patient at the time.
  2. by   psalm
    ...indirectly. I noticed something on the MAR and asked my preceptor about it. A few hours after I went home the DON called me and asked what I had seen, I told her, and when I came in that night, the nurse in question was gone. I prob. just added weight to what was being seen, but I felt bad...but not that bad! Pt. safetly comes first!