Have you been in front of board?

  1. I recently recieved a reprimand from the texas nursing board for something that happened outside of work, that didn't effect my job (not drugs) I have been having a hard time finding a job. I like my job as a nurse. Has anyone been in this situation? What happened to you? WHere did you find work? My background is 10 years in ICU. I'm a very good nurse and have never had any patient issues in my practice I feel like an outcast for one stupid mistake. The thing I hate about nursing is how unforgiving it can be.
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  3. by   live4today
    Welcome to Allnurses.com, ssaun1508! Always glad to see a new "face" aboard!

    I sent you a "PM". I will be praying for you and your situation. Hang in there! :kiss
  4. by   jaded_nurse
    Been there, doing that. Just got taken to the board after a nurse I work with got caught and the facility offered her a deal, name names and they would back her with the Board. So, she named every name she knew, ones who did and ones who didnt (I was one of the ones who didnt). Problem was the faclity said I did. In the state of NC , once the complaint is received, the investigator does her thing, then brings you in , BUT what you say doesnt matter because at the time she calls you in, the investigation is over. You have no chance to defend yourself, all you can do is say yes or no to the alleged infraction. Long story short, I am looking a reprimand in the eye (the case hasnt gone to the committee for punishment yet) and I may even get license suspended. I have a great lawyer (NEVER FACE THE BOARD WITHOUT ONE), but the Board is going to do whatever they please. In any case, I understand what youre going through and hope that things have worked out for you. I may be asking you for advice in the near future. Good luck, stay strong!
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    As much as I'd like to understand your predicament or sympathize with what you're enduring, it really depends on why you were reprimanded (DUI, manslaughter, shoplifting).

    It does teach all of us that whatever we do (even in our private life) it can affect our livelihood.