Have the new privacy rules come to your hospital yet?

  1. Our hospital has already started enacting some of the privacy rules that are coming down with the new HIPPHA regs. I was wondering, has anyone else been affected by this yet? We are no longer able to have a patient's name on the outside of the chart (because our charts are in an area that can be viewed by the public). Patients have to sign a release stating whether they want their names published on the census list that they have at the info desk. Plus we are not suppose to release any information over the phone concerning a patient unless a patient has granted permission. So, what happens when someone who lives 4 hours away calls in to check on their elderly parent/grandparent who is slipping away? Any ideas on how to handle all these privacy issues? How does your facility handle such issues?

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  3. by   tiger
    yeah, same issues here. we still have the name on the chart but have to have a consent to post name anywhere else. no info over the phone. i just tell whoever is on the line that i can't give out info. makes you feel bad though. we as mentioned in another post will have phantom callers/pts. what can you do???????
  4. by   P_RN
    Our place had started some of that. We had a white board that had the blood sugars on it. We had to take it down. Same with the assignment board....from public view. On the call system no more Mrs. xxx how may I help you ?

    No more bedside graphic sheets/ I&O / needed specimen signs.....

    No telephone requests AT ALL....all were to be referred to Patient relations dept (strictly a 9-5 and M-F office)

    Charts had to have the name written or addressographed so as not to be legible from a distance.

    Med carts could no longer be in the halls.

    As with all well intentioned projects, I think this one will open a LOT of trouble for health care that it never intended to give.

    Now if I could just get my own doctor's secretary to keep her mouth shut and her "opinions" to herself!!
  5. by   deespoohbear
    I agree with you about this turning into something healthcare never intended!! How does all this BS get started anyway? Does some federal health employee or gov't person get hospitalized and gets his feathers ruffled over some little thing. Funny thing is, the people who make up these rules don't usually have to play by these rules. I am afraid I am going to have to go buy another bottle of Excedrin before this is all said and done!!
  6. by   tiger
    would love to refer to pt. comittee. never heard of one where i work..
  7. by   mattcastens
    The rules have started to be enacted at my hospital too.

    I have to wonder: has anyone done a survey to see how the patients feel about this? I mean, really, is there a high incidence of visitors coming to the hospital and having a connection to a patient they aren't seeing? "Say, is your uncle Ralph, twice removed, in the hospital for a hernia repair? I saw the nurse giving him an enema while I was visiting my mother." I'm all for patient confidentiality, but how much do the patients care about all of this?