Hate or Love?!

  1. When I was young, I dreamed to become a doctor but the problem is, it cost a lot. Then, an opportunity came to me,I was offered to study nurse by my Aunt and Uncle and of course, I grab the chance because it is still in line of the medical field.

    Challenges, problems, and hindrances came to my way but because I am a natural born survivor, (joke!) I mean because I really love to be in medical field, I had passed all my studies and even the licensure exam. Then, this question bugs me...

    Do I really love or hate nursing?

    This question came to exist when we are looking for a job and when we already found a job. (Can we really call it a job? Yeah, job is it, but not a career...) Looking for a hospital nursing career in our country is hard to get. Hospitals are accepting us to become their Voluteer Nurses, tending to the needs of our patients but what do we get? Experiences and certificates are some of the examples that we could get but how about incentives like meal, allowance, etc? They are taking advantage of us. We are all nursing professionals. We are risking our health, our life, our time and our license that we work so hard to achieve for the past years, but what will it be for us? Will those hospital accept us all to be their staffs? Is the salary within the minimum or not? Some hospitals are also hard to enter because of this phrase, "In applying for this job, It is not what you know, It is whom you know!" It is so hard to have a career in our profession. Some of us has work out of our field. Sad but true, right? This are the reasons why I think I hate nursing.

    But then again, do I really hate nursing or the job searching difficulties that we are facing. It is common to have minor problems in the hospital when we do not satisfy the needs of our patients and superiors and because of the different attitudes and cultures that we encounter. But when I look at the brighter side, "Seeing our patient well and in good condition because we took good care of them, makes us happy. Being in a group that treats them and help them physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically and spiritually makes us proud. And knowing that our patients look for us and hearing them thanking us makes us love our profession." Isn't it great to be a Nurse?

    Now for me, I am proud to say, that I love being a Nurse! (It just sucks to find a job, hehe joke! ^_^v peace)
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  3. by   oslogirl
    Where are you in the Philipines? Is it common practice for RNs to have to work as a volunteer? If so, why? I believe knowing the right people in a job search is very beneficial, but it seems that experience should count, too. . Is that not the case in the Philipines? I hope I am not annoying you with questions, I am trying to understand your situation.
    I agree. It truly is marvelous to know you, as a nurse, have made a positive difference in a patient's life.
  4. by   kachidekuyua
    Your right. Today, it is the common practice on most hospitals, that's why many Filipino nurses tend to go abroad or work outside the country. We work as a volunteer nurse for many months, about 3-6months without food or travel allowance. And when you work as a staff, the salary is below the minimum wage. We are trying to do our best not to look on monetary for our job satisfaction, but when you know the truth that they are making advantage of you and compare to other profession or jobs' salary, you'll be disappointed. We are just trying to convince ourselves that we are working not for the money but for the life and health of our patients, yes, it is true but still we work hard to finished our studies because we also like to help our family financially. I love to be a Nurse, but I hate how they treat us(the hospital and the government). Somebody, or the organization of nurses here in our country must do something about this problem... (Do not be afraid to fight for our rights or what is right for us! Right?!)
  5. by   oslogirl
    After school you work as a volunteer for 3-6 months without any pay, and then when you do get a job, they pay you less than minimum wage? That is pretty dismal. How long as this been going on? Are Philipino nurses getting together about this with your nurses association? I know so little of your situation over there. That's why I ask so many questions.
  6. by   kachidekuyua
    Actually, after we finished our studies as a BSN, we take our 2 months review for board exam, after we took our exam, we wait for three months for the result. Then, after we passed the exam, we are given the privilege, if you can call it a PRIVILEGE, to work at a hospital for 4months, after that, I was hired, but the fact that the salary is lower than minimum, I resigned and took another 3months on a Volunteer work at another hospital then we are given exams, interview and ranking, but after those trials, I am still waiting for a call for 1year and 2 months, while waiting, I applied as a Company nurse, luckily I was accepted but the different set ups makes me crave to be on a hospital setting again. 'Though there is a lot of emergency cases here, I still want to work in a hospital. Salary as a Company Nurse on where I am working is within minimum, that's why I said I'm still lucky to have a job..!
  7. by   oslogirl
    It is so much different here in the USA. Although RNs are not compensated enough here, in my opinion,the pay is far above the minimum. We are having a situation here where, from what I have seen, read, heard, new graduates are having a really tough time finding work. The economy here is shaky right now.

    I wish you success in your future endeavors!:wink2: