Has anyone ever NOT found a job out of Nursing school? - page 2

I just read a post on how hospitals send out advertisements that they are hiring, but then when people call, the hospital just plays dumb and says there are no positions available. Has anyone ever... Read More

  1. by   Pete495

    Mind if I ask what all those certifications are for? I know the easy ones, like acls, pals, but what are the rest of them, like PEPP, BTLS,TNCC,TNS,ENCP? You sure do have a lot of certifications. I'm just curious is all. I've been looking at what I can add to my repetoire as a nurse also.
  2. by   debralynn
    I started LPN school last August; applied for a tech job that Oct. on my lunch hour and was hired on the spot because of being a LPN student; so I believed this helped out when I graduated this past June 27, when still employed at the local hospital, I had no problem keeping my job but moving on as an LPN. (I also got hired on the spot for local NH as LPN) (I'm only working everyother weekend alternating weekends b/t hospital-NH). I only hope when I graduate next Dec. as RN ASN this will still be the case. So I suggest to you, work part-time somewhere as a tech to get your foot in the door, also this really helps you out in LPN school being a tech!