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Has anybody else seen the current poll question on monster.com? The bulletin board is interesting, too. Maybe some of us need to put our 2 cents' worth in!... Read More

  1. by   sphinx
    Ugh, reading that board made me sick. It tended to be a core group who kept with the theme of "it's hype", "it doesn't matter", and "I'll worry about it's when I'm sick not before-I just don't care".

    I hope that's not representative of what the general population believes....
  2. by   emily_mom

    from hamptonguy.....

    I can't help but wonder what percentage of people saying "no" they aren't concerned are those who are all already nurses or are going to be nurses. Why because nurses eat their young, they think somehow their protecting their territory by acting as if there is no concern to be had over the shortage or crisis as 60 Minutes called it.

    and redoobie......

    Why should the hospital executives take pay cuts? Do they make a lot of money?
    I thoutght RNs made a boatload of money. How much do RNs earn?


    with sign-on bonuses, retention bonuses, and other types of bonuses. how do I know? I hire them! On average with everything in the mix, we are paying our nurses around $55K to $60K. jinxy, you may want to move if you are only making White Castle wages!


    and one showing her intellect....

    I hope the censors get a nurse that gives them cathetor (sp?) with a jackhammer when they are laid up in the hospital!

    What I want to know is why she spends all day on monster.com spouting her mouth instead of hiring some freeging nurses!!!