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I was wondering if anyone got accepted into the RN program with the June 1st deadline? I heard they had a meeting on the 17th to discuss potential candidates but still no word. Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   scumberledge
    I took my CNA in NY. I hope they are roughly the same. Thats interesting.
  2. by   Mags_RN
    Hi, i just finished my first year of nursing program at harper this spring. they will have review sessions for the cna skills test the first 8 weeks of the semester and at the end of that that's when you will be tested. so they review what you should know and how you have to perform the skills. its not bad, but you do only have one chance at it. the instructors are there to help you understand the skills during the review time so make sure you go to them. good luck!!!
  3. by   lilbutterfly1
    Hey mags3127

    They are doing things differently this year. We are going to be tested the first week of august before we start the program. There is only one session we can go to in order to practice and this is why I am very nervous because we only get one day to practice...
  4. by   Mags_RN
    oh wow, i didnt know they changed everything already. sorry for the misinformatio then.
  5. by   AndiePi
    There's a CNA skills list with all the steps that I was given at the CNA class at Harper. I bet you can get one if you scout out the right person...
  6. by   scumberledge
    mags... It's strange because I heard that the first 'new' semester was August 2008. I guess they are still changing their minds on things.
  7. by   scumberledge
    FYI: I called admissions this morning and they said that after the Director of Nursing approves the letters they will be sent out. They are under the impression that it will be this week. Good Luck everyone!
  8. by   monroeboys2006
    I just dsigned up for the CNA classes at harper for the end/summer session Does anyone have the book for this class that they dont need anymore and want to sell. Thanks