Happy Nurse Week

  1. I just want to let all my fellow nurses know how appreciated your dedication to our profession is. I hope you all know that the patience and compassion given each day really does make this world a better place. Here are a few nurse week facts I find interesting:

    Many efforts were made over the years to get a national day of recognition for nurses. Beginning with a proposal in 1953, by Dorothy Sutherland to President Eisenhower for a Nurses Day that was not granted. In 1974, President Richard Nixon issued a proclamation for National Nurses Week.

    In 1982, the American Nurses Association Board of Directors formally acknowledged May 6 as National Nurses' Day. In the same year, President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation on March 25 proclaiming May 6 to be National Recognition Day for Nurses.

    In 1990, The American Nurses Association Board of Directors expanded the recognition of nurses to a weeklong celebration, declaring May 6-12, 1991 as National Nurses Week.

    In 1993, The American Nurses Association initiates National RN Recognition Day on May 6, to honor the 2.2 million indispensable registered nurses in the U.S. for their tireless commitment 365 days a year. The ANA encourages its 53 states and territorial nurses associations and other organizations to acknowledge May 6, as National RN Recognition Day

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