Happy National Nurses week !

  1. Let's celebrate and share this important time TOGETHER ! Take a moment to send your State Representative a brief, intelligent e-mail or letter highlighting your / our concerns , ideas and demands regarding our deteriorating health care system. Address the nursing " shortage", the nursing " hiring freeze", " lack" of nursing instructors, the increasing and frightening effects on patient care ,and the rise in the costly and often deadly hospital acquired infections and other complications and the climb in the occurrence of the disease of addiction and addiction related illnesses in health care professionals. Is the public also known, as the "consumer" , adequately educated ? We, the nurses are not just simply, customer service providers. We are the professionals who are respondsible and entrusted with the Care And Lives of All of Our Loved Ones. Why is that not important ? We have a voice and we have numbers. Goggle your state Rep. and send your message. Let's be heard !
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