Handheld computers worth it?

  1. I have two questions about the hand held computers:

    1. Are the hand held nursing computers worth it? Before the costly purchase, I'd like to hear some pro's and cons.

    2. I plan on asking my employer about confidentiality, but does anybody have institutional policies about these units?

    Hmmmm, I guess we nurses think alike, ha,ha. I entered this thread without seeing the other one about palms. I'd still like to know if nurses really think they're worth it.
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  3. by   Ortho_RN
    I had one during school... I used it alot then.. But now that I'm out, I don't have the time to pull out my trust lil friend, if we have a drug question we usually just grab the phone and call the pharmacy.
  4. by   hock1
    Yeah that's what I was thinking too. Calling pharmacy is cheaper too, ha ha.