Guilt about using sick time - page 2

Okay friends I am laying on the couch missing my 3rd and final shift this week and feel SOOO GUILTY!!!! I fractured a root in my upper molar and it abscessed up into my jaw bone. I have been... Read More

  1. by   JomoNurse
    i dont understand why nurses feel guilty about calling in sick. when i'm sick, i call off for as long as i need to recover. i don't feel guilty at all. i sip my soup and watch soap operas all day and i don't think twice about work.
  2. by   pawsomepooch47
    Thankfully Vicodin makes me extremely nauseous. But anyway, i used to agonize over using sick time. Would go to work sick. But now i realize i wouldn't want a sick or impaired nurse taking care of me or my loved ones. So enjoy your time on the couch. Besides that where i work if you don't use it you will lose most of it in the end.