Growth Hormone Releaser

  1. Does anyone have any advice/info on growth hormone releaser? There has been alot of hype recently about this and I would like to know if anyone has been on it? Any benefits, side effects, etc?
    It is being marketed as somewhat of a miracle supplement in that it helps your body release its own growth hormone to replace that which is lost after we turn 30 yrs. old It supposedly will increase your energy, concentration, libido, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks all....
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  3. by   Peeps Mcarthur

    I work in the nutritional supplement market(until the end of shift today anyway) and I can tell you that I have suspicions about how those ads are worded.

    The ads for oral hGH(you'll notice they use a lower case "H" to simulate the real acronym) claim airtime on popular talkshows for Human Groth Hormone about how effective and wonderful it is. Those parts of their advertising are probably true and a good reason why they would be selling any of this stuff.

    Did you catch on yet?.............they hope not.

    The advertising uses referrences to physician prescribed Human Growth Hormone that is given by injection. The physician prescribed growth hormone is what those referrences by the talk shows were about.

    I've also noticed that the spam emails hocking this stuff come from independent advertisers trying to find the right ad copy to get you to link to the "growth hormone" site. The site is always the same, but the ads come from different sources................uhmmmm.

    If that stuff was so great it would only take one halfway decent double-blind-placebo study with some bloodwork to sell all they have in the warehouse themselves.

    Why site talkshows and results from something other than what you distribute when you could show a study that could be as easy to link to as the shopping basket to your own product?

    Why are independent spamers doing the marketing?

    My guess is that you'll see it on 20/20 or the nightly news soon,but it won't be about anything good about the company.