Great RN shortage story in Washington Times...

  1. Great story. Lots of numbers. Buckets of reasons to sweat.

    Here's the lede:

    Hospitals competing for registered nurses amid a nationwide shortage are offering inducements ranging from signing bonuses-some as high as $15,000 on top of $60,000 starting salaries-to free child care and a free continuing education. One advertisement in a nursing trade publication offered a new car for any nurse who agreed to work for at least two years.

    Story can be found here.
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  3. by   fergus51
    I like the idea of high salaries and all the extras, but have found in my experience that there is a reason that most of these hospitals have to offer such a huge amount to get new staff: They suck when it comes to workplace conditions or the area they are in is so expensive you couldn't live on less.
  4. by   NMAguiar
    I just expressed my view on another thread that the shortage may be getting to the stage that hospitals CAN'T find enough nurses -- no matter the money or surroundings.

    In California, where nursing ratios are becoming reality, what happens when you need X-number of nurses a given day and can't find them? Do you begin closing wards?

    The Golden State shortage is getting to that level. We've seen pay increases, and there are still other problems, but there still aren't enough RNs willing to deal with the issues being faced.

    The problem is becoming critical. No doubt about it.
  5. by   JNJ
    Another thread which begs to be answered with, "Have you thought about becoming an independent RN and negotiating your own contract with a facility?"

    See - needs membership to access the forum, but what a supportive, intelligent, go-getting group! Just a thought. Wish I'd have had the thought 15 years ago; I'm an independent Med-Cal provider (possibly the first RN) but I'd have liked to try and negotiate my own contract with an ICU when I had those skills.
  6. by   NMAguiar
    Facinating concept!

    Imagine, RNs will operate like those in the entertainment industry and hire agents to negotiate for them.

    But doesn't this weaken the organized labor movements now established in many hospitals? Each individual nurse will be negotiating independently.
  7. by   fergus51
    Won't ever happen here because you have to be in the union to work here! I personally prefer this because I know I am not a good negotiator (you should see the bad deal I got on my car!!!). One nurse on the board, Brownms46, always negotiates her salary and says she gets good rates. Wish I was more like that
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  8. by   abrenrn
    Since we are a profession, I would rather see a professional organization that puts us first, in front of hospitals, physicians, etc. By putting us first, they put patients first.

    I'm trying to plug a thread I started, with a poll, "on sabbattical?" I'd really love to see answers to the poll (anonymous OK though I'd appreciate any reasons you might give).

    There are some interesting ideas emerging there - not new ones, they have been seen, scattered throughout the site. Thought it might be a good idea to put them all in one thread.

    One rule re thread: debate is encouraged; bickering, excuses and scolding are not tolerated.

    Though, I'm hoping people will agree - I have no way to enforce.