GRE-need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi there fellow beloved nurses,

    So I took the GRE today and got 360 (i know it's bad!) on verbal and 610 on math, combined is 970, still 130 points shy of what I need. I have studied really good for 2 months or so and focused on verbal part....I think what got me today is the time pressure, esp when approaching the HUGE passages and reading comp. I was confident with vocabulary but the reading comp killed me. Another thing is that I think I did really well on the writing part...Of course overall I'm frustrated...

    I will definitely re-take the GRE and not take a chance of applying to grad school with below the cut-off GRE score for admission although I have a good GPA and such.....

    Any suggestions on how to prepare to re-take the exam? Any special books or techniques that worked for y'all?

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  3. by   Reddy,RN
    Sorry it didn't work out the first time for you. Glad to hear you're determined. I stand by my advice in the other thread. Good luck.
    I need help please, GRE test
  4. by   rhortx
    I created this free site to help with studying for the GRE: