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  1. i am graduating next week with my bsn. i unfortunately do not have an impressive gpa, 2.9. i know that someday i want to go for my masters. i got a c in a nursing class that was worth 9 credits and have not been able to revive my gpa since then. in addition, my last 60 credits gpa is only 2.85. i know that the majority of masters programs require 1-2 years of working experience and a 3.0 at least. i guess my question is, do i even have a chance of getting into a good masters program with a gpa like that even with a couple years of work experience? i live in the philadelphia area and would love to know your experience about any masters programs in this area.
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  3. by   PMHNP10
    first of all, congratulations of finishing nursing school; now the real fun begins; good luck to you

    2nd--GPA is only part of the picture; many schools require a grad exam (e.g., GRE); so if you rock on that, the GPA won't necessarily keep you out; and there's also an interview

    3rd--no matter what advice anyone gives you, or how bleak a picture they paint, don't give up if grad school is what you want; people get in to programs all the time in spite of falling below the "cutoffs"; if in fact your GPA ends up being the reason for not getting in, make it a point to take a couple undergrad classes (esp. science classes) and bust your butt to earn the A (absolute last resort if after several failed attempts to gain admission)

    again, good luck

    btw...when earning my ADN, I got all B's and 1 C; my science GPA overall from my prior Bach in Psych was a 3.7 or so, since then I've completed a BSN with a 4.0 and a MSN with a 3.9 something (1-B)