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  1. Hi! I am a 46 year young ADN graduate (5/01)and would like input on employment/education related info on holistic/alternative/humor therapy nursing. I love the holistic approach to medicine and would like to incorporate it with my nursing.

    I have worked as an Certified Ophthalmic Assistant for the last 8 years and I am also considering continuing in that area.

    We will be relocating to the eastern Charlotte, N.C. area in July/August. Plan on having my license by then.

    Thanks for your input. ALW
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  3. by   MollyJ
    Congrats on your graduation!!!

    I think a great person to start with is Dr. Andrew Weil, because he looks at the research base of alternative therapies and lets you know what the research has said about that modality. And as a licensed person you are obligated to make sure that your interventions make sense and are, when they can be, research based. An awful lot of what we do in nursing is empirically based.

    Weil also lets you know information about herbal RX drug interactions, which all of us could afford to know. Weil, as you probably know, is somewhat of a media doc, but he has a long standing interest in alternative therapies.

    As for holism, I know that there is an association for holistic nurses and I have sometimes found that if you want to learn something about a field, belong to their association and you will get there literature and (mixed blessing)you will get on mailing lists.
  4. by   Anna Lee
    Thank you for your input MollyJ! I'll check out Dr. Weil and the Holistic Nurses Assoc.

    This is great to be able to chat with other Nurses. Wish I'd found this site while in Nursing school. I'll tell my friends about it!

    Thanks again, have a blessed day!