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Well, I got my Flu Shot on Friday. I hurt so bad! Have been in bed most of the day. What do you all think? I feel like crying I feel so bad. I really thought it was all in my head and then my... Read More

  1. by   mario_ragucci
    My opinion about the flu shot is that I don't need one, because I ain't had the flu. I am such a baby to mess with my interferon. The flu is when you are taken down for a week, right? Having the flu means you ADL is in crapsville, I heard for weeks. This is a hard topic to discuss, because each individual is different. natural killer cells always enjoy a variety of challenges, including seeing new Mario copycat's. No one, or no cell, can get away with imitating any part of me. I'm sorry :-( If it helps you then it's good, but therd be no way to know about an individual unless two can live the exact same life. :-( :kiss
  2. by   llg
    Originally posted by Roland

    Are you really sure that you want to go down that road?
    I never meant that we should flog people who don't get flu shots in the public square or anything like that ... only that concern for ourselves is not the only reason to get one. Concern for the welfare of the general public is another consideration that should be included in one's thinking.

    Also, I happen to think it is very possible to "go down a road" so-to-speak without going to extremes. For example, I have an alcoholic drink every now and then. I have even had a drink and then later driven myself home. However, that doesn't mean that I think it is OK to drive while drunk. Everything does not have to be "all or nothing." There is such a thing as moderation.

  3. by   Roland
    It is my preference NOT to take vaccinations, YET to be allowed in school I have no choice. Therefore, the arguments that I made in my post are relevent to the facts as they exist "out in the field."