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Well, I got a call today for my first CNA job! I start Monday! It doesn't pay a whole lot and I know it's going to be tough work BUT I'm actually very happy.... and nervous! I'm happy cause I know... Read More

  1. by   nrs2bme
    You are too sweet. I should be proud huh? Not everyone is "cut out" for this... about 90% of my friends and family said "Why would you want to do that?" But to me it's like "Why not?" Who am I to think that I'm too good to do this kind of work? I want to help people... I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE !I always knew I would do something important with my life. I'm really glad that I've FINALLY figured out what it is!
  2. by   TracyB,RN
    Congrats. I am impressed that you "want to make a difference." Please don't lose that excitement & passion. being a CNA is very TOUGH. I know that 1st hand. I have a few things that absolutely drive me nuts. . . please don't wait for your residents to ask to be toileted or changed. It is usually hard to keep everyone clean & dry, but it is one of the most important things you can do, keep the sheets as wrinkle free as possible, make sure residents are repositioned often & correctly, & don't forget mouth care. You will be a prized employee if you follow that advice The families will love you & so will everyone else.
  3. by   hapeewendy
    I have no doubt that you are going to do a fantastic job!
    I applaude you for working in a very demanding and tough WILL make a huge difference
    your compassion and caring combined will make you stand out from the crowd , of that I"m sure!
    thanks for sharing your success with us ... and keep us posted!!!
  4. by   chemistry_chick
    Congrats on the new job! I'm sure you'll love it. And even though $$ is nice, its not everything. Remembering that has helped me a lot!

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