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  1. Howdy! I have just finished second semester (YES!) and will be graduating in the spring of 2010 with my BSN my fiance is currently in ROTC and will comissioned in the fall of 2010. Being brand new to the whole military environment I was wondering if any military spouses can recomend books related to well, having a spouse in the military. I looked on Amazon and found a few books for example Married to the Military: A Survival Guide for Military Wives, Girlfriends, and Women in Uniform. Is there any other you would recomend? Other advice is also welcomed and appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    I'm unable to recommend a book ... but by golly I could write one!!

    Best wishes to you both.
  4. by   nurseoutofwater
    Hi There,
    I've been a Navy Wife for 14 years, but a nurse for just one. Congratulations on getting your BSN right away! I think one place to look for insight into being a military spouse is the "Military Spouse" magazine. It has some good info and some good articles. But just remember, there's no such thing as a "typical" military spouse anymore. Except that they are strong, flexible, creative, over worked and underpaid. A lot like many nurses. Haha! But it can be a very supportive community. Just stay away from gossip and negative personalities, and try to take advantage of moving often and meeting new people. One bonus for you if you are looking for on-base jobs is that spouses now have precedence over all other applicants. Good Luck and Congratulations!