going the adn route

  1. I am currently seeking my adn from my local community college. After completion, I am planning to go on to recieve my BSN and hopefully my MSN in Anesthesia. I know these are some long term goals, but I also have so many questions I need to be answered. I am just wondering if a school for anesthesia is going to look down on me getting my adn rather than just going for the BSN right away. I graduated high school last year and am a freshman in college and if that is the case, i will neet to switch my plans. I also recieved an 88% in an Anat & Physiology course, are grade like this going to lower my chance for exceptance to a school for my masters. What are some GPA's that some of you have been accepted to enter a masters program. I am sorry for all of the questions. I am just worried that I will go so far, only to not be accepted. Thank you so much.
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