Gift for a graduating Parish Nurse?

  1. My DON has been taking classes in Parish nursing, which she has wanted to do for so long, and I finally convienced her to do so! She is going to be so awesome! Nurse with 60 years of experience, and would really just like to settle down helping her parish . I am so encouraged by her, she is my mentor, and I really want to give her a very loving gift for congratulations!

    Alas, she is my I have to be a bit careful about gifts. At my facility we have all known eachother for quite some time, and I know a gift for congratulations would be appropriate, but I still don't want to get something huge...would look like I am kissing up...

    She wears matching pins with earrings, and I found a gorgeous white porcelain pen with the cross and a lovely flower intertwined and blooming happily across the center. It is from a company called Pure Grace, and it is called HOPE. I think it is delicate and small and speaks largely of my hopes for her!

    What do you think? Or any other suggestions? (she is of the Catholic denomination). Or any good ideas on internet stores to buy the perfect gift??? (I may make a basket, so a few little items would be great!)

    Thanks in advance!!!!!!!
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  3. by   redwinggirlie
    Instead of something like a pin, why not a donation of some sort to the cause she holds dear? Time, money, things? Just a thought. The pin does sound nice, though. Wish her well!