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Hi, I'm a new graduate from a associate nursing program in the northeast. I have begun my job search, and I am getting discourged. I graduated at the top of my class and have great referances, but... Read More

  1. by   AHarri66
    Originally posted by YADA-YADA:
    Hi thought I would toss in my 2 cents. i graduated 2 yrs ago, also at the top of my class. I had no difficulty getting a hospital job, actually had 5 offers. My only aid experience was in home health, most of the DONs did not like that but accepted it because of my grades. they wanted hospital experience.
    I am from the NE as well and I am not seeing this glut of nurses, everywhere in the paper are sign on bonuses for nurses. In fact the hospital I work at would not even hire new grads until this year- they still need their BS though.
    It may be because everyone is out now. I know at our place the two new grads that are coming in were hired back in Feb. One is not even starting until Oct.
    Lucky you! Congratulations! For the record, in my area the only sign-on bonuses I have seen are for nursing homes and agencies--not the most popular choices with nurses. I think the closer you are to the cities (Boston, for example, always has openings) the better your options. I'm sure I'll get into a hospital eventually; by then, however, I'll probably need re-training in a lot of areas. Sometimes I feel like I'm losing more skills than I am gaining in LTC.

  2. by   maikranz
    Greetings, again!
    I'm tellin' y'all--come down south of the Mason-Dixon Line! The quality of life is very nice and snow is more an idea than reality.
    Where ever you are working, be it LTC or private duty, it is still the practice of nursing. Just because you aren't in a hospital does not mean you are any less a "real" nurse. We practice in a multitude of settings other than hospitals and use a multitude of skills.
    Keep the faith and good luck with your search.