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Ok, stupid question from student nurse who's only worked in a corporate environment for the last 15 years (i.e., stable hours/salary). What exactly is "getting called off"? Does that mean that if I... Read More

  1. by   dorimar
    With the nursing shortage, it doesn't happen often in my experience. however, in seasonal "snow bird" areas, the summers may be slower than the winters, and consequently at times we may be overstaffed in the off season. Usually there are nurses beating each other up to get the "low census day" off. One problem I have run into in the past was being told to stay home but, being told to be avialable "on call". NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! If i am using my PAID TIME OFF then I AM OFF. period. If i choose to be avialiable after they tell me they don't need me, well then that's my choice. No one can force me to be available after they make me change my plans to work int the first place. Another reason is that I have a son and I work nights. They don't know if I have a husband at home or if he works nights as well and may work a registry shift since i am home now,or whatatever. after they say your not needed you may have cancled your child care plans and are no longer available. Whatever the reason, if they cancel you, it is up to YOU if you want to be "available" to come in or not.
  2. by   DawnFL
    Some places won't allow you to use vacation time or personal time to make up the difference.