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I've been working at a small hospital for a year, as a fulltime RN on a 28 bed med-surg unit. Census has been down lately & I have been asked to take one day/week off- and, since I don't have... Read More

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    Some facilities are experimenting with using a higher percentage of part time staff. I've heard it's changed dramatically at one of the facilities near me. No benefits what so ever. Unfortunately people will always take these positions, ending up needing to work at a few different facilities to make a living and buying their own insurance. What sucks is, you are expected to carry the entire deal as would a full time employee, off hours meetings... silly employee development sh*** too. Then there's always those who think a normal full time position will materialize for them if they work extra hard that these facilities know they can rely on.
    Yep, I agree 100%, it is happening to me right now. I didnt have a job and had to take something for now. They are expecting me to work every single weekend without any benefits. I can get PTO but that will be slim to none. I am greatful for a job but this is crazy. There is another job I am considering that will only be PRN (maybe with enough jobs I can afford to buy insurance) and they dont want to pay for training. A lot of jobs are taking advantage of the fact that jobs are scarce in some areas. Its only gonna get worse. My friends who work in local hospitals are having the same problems as the OP. They have to float to other units or go home. It is a really bad time right now. Hope things turn around sooner than later.