Getting Frustrated

  1. As some of you already know, I have been an ortho/trauma nurse for almost 5 years. I am beginning to get bored in this position so am looking to get into some sort of critical care. First I tried the ED. They offered me a PT position with NO BENEFITS (so I get paid the lower PT/FT rate but get no benefits) and seemed surprised when I turned it down. But, the manager of the ED "really wants me on board" and "doesn't want to lose me" yet I haven't heard from her in weeks. So, I decide to send in a transfer request to the ICU. After 3 weeks I do hear back from them, BUT it is a problem that I don't have ACLS (classes are full until 2002) plus they want me to take the critical care course before I start (classes are full until March 2002). Oh, "sorry those classes are full but you COULD take it at another hospital and pay for it yourself"!!!!
    Come on guys! This is a second career for me! I am a 35 year mother of three who refuses to be intimidated by administration. Where exactly is this nursing shortage? I have a Bachelor's degree and graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. I graduated #1 in my nursing class and won various awards and scholarships. I don't get it. Why is it so hard to move from where I am into critical care??? Are there any hospitals in Morris County NJ that would be willing to take me on? I am getting so fed up with all the game playing!!

    Sorry guys. I had to vent. As you can see I am beginning to get stressed. Thanks for listening.


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