Getting a hospital to pay for my education?

  1. I am looking to have a hospital help me pay for my nursing degree. I have completed all my prerequisites for the nursing program here at California state University. I am from the Boston area and would like to return, however, out of state tuition is too expensive...What programs or incentives does the hospitals in Mass. have to offer me? Please help,,,I would love to return home and finish my degree and work in Boston. Thank you all... Danny G.
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  3. by   SarasotaRN2b
    Hey Danny,

    Have you been accepted into nursing school? If you have been, I would suggest hitting the payment and contacting some hospitals in Boston. Maybe as long as the hospitals see that you have been accepted, something can be worked out? Are there any hospitals in "need" areas? Maybe you can reach out to them first. Sometimes you can even get loan forgiveness if you work in areas of extreme need.

    Good luck!