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  1. Has anyone ever had a review where incidents were brought up from the past, that you were never informed of until you are in the meeting and you just can't believe the trivial things that were brought to the manager's attention from a chosen few you work side-by-side with? Interesting why someone thought to inform management of something when you think to yourself, funny..why am I singled out? Then you suddenly feel you were being lied to and trusted too easily. A vindictive light casts upon the place and your manager who, for months had stories going through their head that you were never informed of.

    I feel there should be a rule, anything that is written in your file, should be brought to your attention within 3 days of the incident so your not bombarded with several trivial, misconstrued, possibly forgotten, incidents or situations that can leave a permanent mark and only add to horizontal violence in the workplace.

    I also feel a competent manager would meet with both parties immediately to discuss the situation. Interesting...I bet the stories would decline if the bearer of the news knew they would have to sit face to face and reasonably discuss their concerns with the person they are pointing their finger at.

    You would think some people are either very naive or quite vindictive and need to leave their job so the nurses who actually like their job don't have to feel their negativity. Quoting the old saying "Misery loves company", I will not let others drag me into their pessemistic world. They need to find peace within themselves and stop trying to control the environment that others occupy who do not have the same outlook. Sorry babe, I work for a paycheck just like you and have a life.

    My god, if you are a team and trust one another, you can get through those tough shifts much easier. Why some managers choose not to be team players and have the audacity to accept and address petty he-said, she-did incidents is beyond me!
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    If and when this has happened to me I simply write on the review.

    I am unable to recall nor rectify these incidences because they were not brought to my attention at the time they occured. This review is the very first time I have heard about them. There fore their apearance on this review is without justification.

    You see I had an employeement law attorney tell me that for this to hold any water they must bring it to your attention when it occures. So yes there is a rule so to speak, though not necessairly written.

    Also employment lawyers advises employers to use progress disapline with every employee even those at will.

    Because despite the fact you may be at will they can not fire you unjustly.

    Adding that statement puts them on notice. It also protects you legally from any mention of this in a reference. They can not legally deny you the right to add your own comments to any written review.

    Oh yes you have a case against them with this statement if they denie you wage increase or anthing else based on this review. However, you must add the comment before you sign. Once you sign you have in effect accepted the review as written.
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    My first eval at my first nursing job, straight out of school.....I supposedly abandoned a code that I was in charge of. I found out several months later. My argument was that I didn't abandon it, I was looking for a piece of equipment that my preceptor had told me to get, and being fresh out of school and unlicensed, I had no business being in charge of a code!
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    I have not had trivial incidents brought up on annual evaluation, but I have had trivial incidents brought up occasionally.

    My response is always to show the appropriate concern, (Oh my goodness!!), then agree that the issue should be addressed, then demand that ALL the parties gather to discuss it. IMMEDIATELY!! (If it is so important it should be addressed formally, it should also be handled immediately.) I state I would like those who are off, called in for a meeting so the issue can be resolved, NOW!!

    If there is refusal, I simply write on the sheet that "I am unable to sign this document because the relevant parties have not been convened to investigate the alleged incident. If at some point in the next 10 days such a meeting is scheduled, I will reconsider signing after revelation and review of all relevant facts. If no such meeting is convened this complaint will be considered frivolous and unworthy of such investigation."

    I have only been called to meet once. I brought with me so many texts to establish no violation of any standard of care had been violated, the accusing party looked like a complete idiot.