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Hey a question about a med. I am talking to a friend on the phone that is working as an aide waiting to get her papers to test. Last night the LPN she was working with brought a liquid medication in... Read More

  1. by   redwinggirlie
    how about ceftazidime?
  2. by   redwinggirlie
  3. by   newfloridaRN
    KEFLEX (antibiotic) smells SOO terrible! Exactly like rotten eggs.
  4. by   newfloridaRN
    And the generic name for that begins with a C... Cephalexin=Keflex. Do you think that could be it??
  5. by   sn2rn04
    Yep, mucomyst is the worst, but I also agree that Fortaz just plain stinks-like cat pee.
  6. by   medpsychRN
    Had a patient with a metabolic disorder which I had never heard of and I can't remember the name. I think it has something to do with cystine (sp?). The patient has a buildup of cystine in the body. They wait for the kidneys to fail, transplant and then start them on this med (also can't remember the name). OMG!! It makes their breath smell. Not just a little! The whole room smelled. Could smell it in the hall even with the door closed. Had to go in and give him meds during the night. I rubbed everything under my nose. But the minute I walked in there I started to gag. Had to get another nurse to give the meds. Poor guy. I'm sure he couldn't stand it either.
  7. by   hmcna
    OMG I just had one of my residents take 20 tylenol tabs.... said it was to get high (yeah right)

    anyway she was admitted to the hosp for a few days, to be given the mucomyst every 4 hrs...

    the dr in the ER told her that some people like it, but that even if she didn't she'd need to take it or she'd get it in an n/g tube.

    She'd just gotten charcoal in a tube... and was not impressed.

    Gawd that stuff stinks... they put it in a small amt of pepsi... she wanted to ad more pepsi to it.... but i suggested she just chug it, because the more she added, then the more she'd need to drink.

    she did it with a straw.... but ended up bringing it back up about 40 min later.... even with reglan IV minibag.
  8. by   javanurse2000
    I have never given anything stinkier than a Cedax (ABT). We have to crack the cap open and mix with applesauce or liquid for those that can't swollow whole pills. It smells EXACTLY like rotton eggs. It wouldn't have be given for nausea but could account for why she was experiencing nausea.
  9. by   Brendy
    The rotten egg smell made me also immediately think mucomyst......
  10. by   hmcna
    Initially when i get a script of Keflex, it doesnt smell at all....

    But within 2 -3 days, it has a foul odor....

    Any idea why?