Gainfully employed at last!

  1. Just to let you all know.....I am once again employed, as of 10 AM today. My old boss at the hospital where I used to work called me a couple of days ago; seems she'd heard through the grapevine that I was looking for a job (that's what happens when you live in a small town!) and wanted to know if I was interested. INTERESTED?? We're so poor these days living on my DH's $9 an hour and my $405 a week unemployment benefits we're practically chewing water, and she wants to know if I'm interested!?

    Well, anyway, I start Monday working on a PRN basis, which pays somewhere around $26+/hr. (I got my seniority back, hurray!) and I'll be first in line for the part-time permanent 3-11 position coming up next month. I do NOT want full-time work anymore---I've learned I need time to pursue my other interests---and this is going to pay well enough that I can afford to work 3 days a week. No more management for me.......I'm going back to being a plain ol' floor nurse, which I loved before I got the idea in my head that I "needed" to be a manager because I was heading into middle age. Yippee!!
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  3. by   Purple_RN

    Working part time is the greatest.

    Best Wishes,

  4. by   frannybee
    Way to go, mate! Congratulations
  5. by   Jay Levan
    Hiya, I missed your original post, but you mentioned Management, were you indeed in management? I have just entered management for the second time and after thirty one years of experience at the bedside, (Specialty E.R.) felt myself kind of feeling that my skills in this area were beginning to wane even if only ever so slightly. I still feel comfortable taking assignments in small, not to busy E.R.'s, mostly handling clinical cases, with a few true emergencies, thrown in for good measure, however in the fast paced unrelenting pressure e.r.'s i felt my speed or lack there of and accuracy slipping to the point that I didn't feel comfortable. I still feel that I am a good E.R. nurse, but not an excellent one. I have accepted a position as Nightshift Nursing Resource nurse and enjoy, to my surprise, formulating teaching plans and giving inservice education, imparting my knowledge and expertise to my younger counterparts. What I don't enjoy is counseling, I really do not enjoy pointing out others mistakes especially knowing I lack perfection. I would like to hear from you (PM me) your experiences and maybe a few pointers, to help me in my new direction. I would be very interested in hearing some of the reasons you felt that management was not for you. I wish you well in your new direction and hope all remains well with you and yours. May God Bless You.
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  6. by   Mimi Wheeze
    Good for you! I hope you love your new job!

    "chewing water" :chuckle