Funding for CA DX?

  1. This is on behalf of a Fellow nurse, (in the profession for 33 yrs). She suffered and on the job injury resulting in a knee replacement. X-rays show the knee surgery is flawless. Continual pain. Hip x-ray shows possible bone CA.
    She is likely going to loose her comp benefits because of this. She has no other insurance, being out of work due to the original injury. She cannot afford Dx immaging or Bx. She believes dx to be CA.
    She will not seek Dx as she cannot afford to treat. Without a definitive Dx she can't get into even a study that may provide some form of Tx.
    Says better not to know if can't afford to treat. BUT she thinks it is CA. So her mind set is not blissful ignorance thinking that she is healthy instead it is terror.
    Seems like a nurse of so many years service should get some consideration.
    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get care/dx for her. Any knowledge of studies available to her anything??? Please!
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  3. by   JonRN
    If I were her I would go to the nearest Medical School and explain my circumstances to them. Surely there are funds set aside to help someone like her. She seems to be in deep denial, not unusual for a healthcare professional who has probably seen it all in 33 years. I am sending extra good thoughts her way, and commending you for your interest in her well-being Agnus. Also, I'm sure she knows a lot of docs, she should confide in one of them and see if they have any ideas. No doctor is going to let a nurse with 33 years service go untreated for something as potentially seriuos as this. Best of luck, and if I can help any way at all, PM or email me.

  4. by   Barinbass
    I have some links that may provide info. Especially look at the Clinical Trial/Study being done in Pennsylvnia. It sounded similar to the stage hers may be in. If I find other studies, i will post. Thank you for trying to help her. We all need to have such a caring and activist attitude. Nothing changes without getting involved and with the right priorities. TweetyRN
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    I'm back. Here are two more links. TweetyRN
  6. by   tyger9966
    !!!!! Go to this website:

    I work in a cancer clinical trials dept. at a cancer center in FL, and this website is from the Expanded Participation Project and also the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group. All you do is fill in the information about what kind of cancer you have and location, etc. and it will tell you what centers in your area have clinical trials that are appropriate. I know you said she has not been diagnosed yet; maybe this will motivate her?? A lot of clinical trials will provide the study drug free of charge, although routine tests are usually not paid for. It all varies from trial to trial. It's definitely something to look into, though. Also, some pharmaceutical studies will try to help with costs through an indigent program, if that helps any. You would be amazed at the number of studies are out there, maybe she might find something that helps her!! It's a great thing and sometimes it changes people's lives. Hope everything turns out ok :kiss
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  8. by   Agnus
    Thank you. I knew you guys would come through for me. I don't know how much time I can squeek to research this for her. She is not able to go on line. But I know she has adult children who can and may have some time (ha ha, they have lots of kids themselves) to spare. Trouble is she is not telling them yet. Though I did get her to promise me to tell them. She is not ready to do so yet.
    I already advised her to call the American Cancer Society. And I did discover from the American Cancer Institute Site that you need a Dx before a study can be found.
    I will try to talk to her in the next couple of days. It may not even be cancer. But since she and her MD thinks it is then she needs a dx or she may be worried over nothing.
    She has had continual pain with muscle spasms her foot rotates out and she falls once a week. The dark area on the x-ray is in the femor just below the trochanter.
    This is the first time a hip x-ray has been done. It was done on consult because there has been no explanation for the continued pain. It has been 2 years now.
  9. by   JonRN
    This is so sad, it just breaks my heart. All those years she cared for others, now who is going to care for her? Agnus please keep posting on this or PM me, I am very interested in this poor lady's situation. I have often thought to myself when I was a younger nurse "will there be anyone to care for me when I get old and sick"? We will all face this someday and it is something to think about. I'm sure she appreciates your help.