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  1. Hey Zee,
    Saw on a couple of your posts of your recent professional frustration. See . This organization seems to have the right idea. Tell me what you think. I know you are too good of a nurse for us to lose you. Think outside the box!
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  3. by   Zee_RN
    Thanks cargal! I'll check out the site.
  4. by   cargal
    Have discussed some topics with Charles Smith , the founder, I believe, of this llc. He is educated, thoughtful and visionary. Find his email on the contact page. You could also find some of his other posts. He is eager to discuss any issue and help any nurse. If anyone can do this, Zee, you can , and the time is ripe. Maybe someday you can reccommend nursing to your daughters, and if you do this, think of what a great role model you will be! Just like on Judging Amy, my favorite show(lol). If I had ICU experience and your brains and integrity, I would do this too. I do however, have other entreprenorial plans. Great luck-
    your friend in nursing and nht,

    ps let me know!
  5. by   Charles S. Smith, RN, MS
    Thanx Carrie! I truly appreciate your support! Yes, Zee, just send me an email and we can chat. is your venture moving forward? Let me hear from you too....some super things on the horizon for nurses if we just move out of our comfort zones like you are doing!

    best regards