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how to protect a patient's heels on those feet that lie for hours on the bed and now have discoloured areas - diabetic feet, recent cellulitis what can be used to prevent heel decubitus ulcers? ... Read More

  1. by   NJNursing
    We elevate heels off the beds, turn pt's q 2 hours. For elbows we have those egg crate foamy things, but we also bought the pricy Hill-Rom Versacare beds and we have not had ONE single in-hospital skin breakdown in those beds since we opened our new unit with them in April. They're impressive.
  2. by   Daniel Putignano LPN
    the facility I use has "blue booties" or "bunny boots" as they're are typically called. But one thing I do not understand is why does anyone ever uses skin prep? Pressure is a force from weight. I can see how skin prep might help with shearing forces but downward pressure would most likely not care about a thin layer of skin prep under it. Someone said it toughens the skin? Is there literature on this at all? Because I plan on banning skin prepping from heels, especially since nobody has time to do it anyway and go stricly with heel floaters. If anyone has literature on skin prep and its uses whether labeled on non-labeled please let me know. Nursing homes are too busy and under staffed to be doing unnecessary treatments.