For everone who responded to fabulous ideal & Nursing shortage

  1. I heard a congressman from texas today on the radio talking about the smaller hospitals struggling financial situation. He wants to take the money from the surplus from medicare cut backs and re-invest them back in to the health care system.

    Yesterday I posted the e-mail adresses to the 2 presidental canidates under aternative to march. If you do not wish to e-mail either of these to canidates and would like to e-mail your congressman go to

    after you enter your zip code it will give you te names with the option to e-mail

    This is an election year and it will only
    become an issue if we make it one.
    Please post here if you respond. I e-mailed them yesterday with my concerns of unsafe patient care.
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  3. by   Mijourney
    Hi Jackie,
    I think that your idea is great as are other posters that are contributing to the "Fabulous idea!!!" topic by bunky. I have as well emailed my congressperson regarding quality customer services and related topics. Perhaps a combination of several strategies is what is needed to satisfy every nurse that wants to contribute in some way to bringing attention to unsafe staffing.
  4. by   bunky
    Jackie you are a veritable fountain of email address info aren't you! I did email
    Al Gore at the address listed and got a nice form letter telling me to watch his web site as he may respond to my questions in one of his town hall talks. I couldn't however reach Georgie Boy at the email address you listed. You're doing a GREAT job! Keep it coming!