For a Greener, Healthier Hospital

  1. these are some great resources for creating a more environment-friendly hospital. it addresses alternatives to incineration, ways to reduce medical wastes, and education on pvc-free medical products.

    "the health care industry generates approximately 2 million tons of waste per year" (malkan, 2007), which adds to the toxic load in a polluted environment which is consequently making people ill. let's try to turn that around.
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  3. by   2curlygirls
    Thanks for the links, I've been interested in this topic.
  4. by   floatRN
    Thanks for posting these links. These issues are very important to me. It upsets me to see the amount of waste generated by the hospital. It seems like everything we use is one-time use/disposable. I am also concerned about the air quality where I work due to alot of construction going on. They are constantly cleaning floors and equipment with chemicals that have strong odors and are very irritating to patients and staff. Hopefully, we will see some changes in the future.
  5. by   Spatialized
    This is very cool. My DW and I were talking about this a couple of days ago. Being the cynic I am, I figured that this was a near impossibility, but seeing these sites really made me feel better.