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Did you get flu shots for your kids? I got one for myself. My 13 yo daughter hates shots, to the point of almost passing out...my middle daughter doesn't care for them much and they're both telling... Read More

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    Quote from Almabella
    Anyway, a coworker of mine (nurse) recently told me that she heard that getting the flu vaccine yearly would help to build up immunity if there were ever a pandemic outbreak of influenza. I didn't ask where she heard this, but I'm wondering if anyone else has heard something similar...
    I read something about older people and flu shots and overal improvements in long term immunity but nothing about kids.
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    was three months gestation, that child has had schizophrenia, one shrink told me that this was not uncommon in children born to women with this particular flu..another shrink said he had never heard of it
    i always got the shot and encouraged others to do so also
    I think perhaps there were articles about that very long time ago. My mom mentioned to me reading about connection between the 1918 flu epidemic and schizophernia. Those articles would have been 40 years ago or more. My mother believed that the great flu epidemic and her mother's schizophernia were connected for that reason.