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Hey ya'll:cool: I need some advice. For over a decade I worked in LTC's and retirement communities as Activities Director, Social Service Designee and Programs Director. I hold a Bachelor's in... Read More

  1. by   Agnus
    It is the crab effect. If a crab tries to climb out of a bucket the others pull it back.

    Do your good work. Help you fellow CNA. However, if they reject your help and they may under the cercumstance, then you can with hold it. Always be as friendly as you can. But you do not have to have more contact with them than necessary.

    Your trying to make them look bad :roll :roll. Isn't that an interesting twist on what they do. Didn't you just say the only reason the one ever talks is to tear someone down, in order to build herself up?
    The difference is you are tearing no one down. You are not talking but doing, which is much louder and more convincing than talk.

    They would prefer that you were just like them because if the status quo is not sleeping and laziness then thier cushy jobs are in jepodary. If "everyone is doing it " then they have a defence and feel safe. If you demonstrate that good work and good patient care are not unreasonable expectations then they get scared that they might actually have to do some work or get fired.

    Remember those who treat you like this will never amount to more than human pooper schoopers. (this is no disrespect intended to good CNAs) because that is how they see themselves. Know that you will move on and they will be a very small part of your past.
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