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  1. Hey all... I'm graduating with my MSN as a Family Psychiatric NP in a couple weeks (!) and am interested in moving to the Seattle area. I'm looking at applying to NP jobs but have also signed on as a travel nurse for an agency, which would make the moving and whatnot up to Seattle much easier, give me more free time in a new city and more of an opportunity to look for my first full-time PMHNP job.

    The issue I'm having is that I've been working ER PRN for the past year and seven months... prior to that I worked ICU full-time for a little over a year. I'd like to work travel in ICU, but I've called both my agency (HRn) and Cross Country Travel Corps and they stated that I have to work in the last area I've worked in, which is ER.

    I don't really enjoy working in the ER (in fact, I dread almost every shift), and I miss being in the ICU. Hour-wise across my nursing career, I actually have considerably more ICU experience and education, and I actually feel more comfortable travelling to an ICU than I do to an ER.

    Has anybody run into this issue before? Any alternate routes I can take to do an ICU travel position, or companies that anybody has used?
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