First interview as new grad...HELP PLEASE!

  1. Hey, I am going on my first interview today, and I don't know what to expect. I am being interviewed by a couple people in the HR department. What kind of questions are they going to ask me? Any help would be great, thank you.
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  3. by   nuwbee25
    They will most likely ask you some of the following:
    1. why did you choose nursing?
    2. why are you in interested in this particular unit?
    3. what are some of your strengths?
    4. tell us about a conflict that you came across during one of your clinicals and how did you handle the situation?
    5. what is your greatest weakness (I hate this question so mcuhhh!!!)
    6. If I were to call up one of your clinical instructors what would they say about you?
    7. what are your your career goals or where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    8. how would yoiu handle a difficult patient or a coworker that you have been having some issues with?
    9. why should we hire you over someone else?
    10. ****one nurse manager asked me to design my ideal unit!!!!****

    That is all I can think of this early in the am so there may be a few more that are asked frequently. Speak clearly and calmly but be personable and likeable. Make sure you have some questions that you would like answered....they love it because it shows you are very interested in the job and you care about your prospective working conditions.

    Good luck!!!
  4. by   nminodob
    I was given several hypothetical patients, given a mini "report" on them and then asked questions. One was a woman with an average BP, she was NPO, and her IV fluids were ordered TKO, and she had minimal urine output in her foley. They asked me why I thought she had minimal urine - and I mumbled around throwing out ideas until I finally realized she was dry! (NPO, IV ordered TKO, no pee). That was the answer they wanted.
    Another situation was an ETOH w/d patient in retraints and what nursing diagnoses I thought applied: Risk for seizures, Knowledge deficit, Risk for injury, were some I came up with. I'm sure there were lots more I couldn't think of.
    They asked me how I would handle the nurse assistant who created a scene in front of the patient's family. I answered that I would remove the CNA from the room and talk privately with her about her concerns (common sense - don't have a hissy fit in front of the patient/family).
    They asked me what I would do if I was discharging a patient and doing patient teaching when a nurse assistant came to me reporting that another patient was vomiting a large amount and it looked strange. I said I would quickly explain to the patient I was discharging that I would return, and then go assess the other patient. They asked me my rationale, and I said the pt being d/c was stable, and the other one was not.
    Another question was a woman 2 days post op with a fever of 39 C who refused to ambulate: what did I think was going on? They were looking for atalectasis d/t inactivity, needed pain meds, incentive spirometer to inflate alveoli, teaching reagrding splinting the incision, teaching re: early ambulation and risk of clots, etc.
    They also gave me a 10 question math test (with calculator) that was nothing you won't have seen in NS.
    BTW - if you have made it to the interview stage, congratulations!
    Good Luck!
  5. by   country mom
    1. Arrive early to your interview.
    2. Dress professionally. There's debate about whether or not to wear scrubs, but IMHO, business attire looks more professional for an interview. Somehow, winnie-the-pooh scrub tops just don't scream, "I'm serious- hire me". Be very modest in dress- no short skirts, no tight-fitting tops. Button your shirt up- (guys and girls). Shorts and sandals- definite no-no.
    3. No perfume/cologne.
    4. No heavy makeup. I live in a relatively conservative area, our policy is no visible tattoos or body piercings. To be safe, if you have any of those, cover 'em up. Small earings- no dangling chandeliers.
    5. Guys- definitely a tie.
    6. Send a thank-you note after your interview, thanking them for taking the time to meet with you.
    7. Don't be afraid to take a moment to think before you rattle off an answer to their question. If you really can't think of something, ask to come back to it later.
    8. If there is more than one interviewer- make eye contact with everyone.
  6. by   CarolStudent
    how did it go "TIME4MASTERS" ? are you working and if so how do you like it?