First day on the new job!!!

  1. But first I will mention the last day at my old the LTAC.

    One of my peeps.....parkinsons...yet very lucid, yet chronically depressed....he told me "This is one of the best days I have had in a long time. I have not felt this positive in a long long time". Almost made my cry.....

    Another lady in the same set. A&O x0 for the longest time. GCS 5-6 ya know? Her daughter comes to visit. It is the daughters birthday. The daughter always talks to her mom like she is awake. Well on that day the mom smiles and starts mouthing answers to questions (she has a trach). This lady is waking up Now that did make me cry

    No one from my management team said goodbye.....just a handful of coworkers exchanged pleasantries. I clocked out and walked out the door. And that was it.

    But it was still an AWESOME last day that I will never forget!!

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