finally after all that, is it worth it?

  1. Whats up I have been a longtime lurker on this site. Atm I am very excited and 3 days out from boards....also nervous because our program has a 100% pass rate for the past 5 years and i dont want to be the one to break that lol.

    A little history I have been through a lot. I wasted almost 3 years being scammed at 2 schools called Kaplan University and ITT Technical institute Breckinridge school of nursing. After that I left there and had to take every prerequisite all over again in 2014 because no credits would transfer during those wasted 3 years of my life. I perservered and got accepted into MCC's nursing program first try.

    Going fundamentals of nursing for the third time and going to clinicals for 3 years compared to all my scared classmates was frustrating and interesting at the same time. I was deciding to whether be the guy that knows everything and seemed smart or just let everything out. Because would these instructors do me dirty like what happened at the othed schools?

    I just told the truth and from experience, i learned u have to brown nose the instructors a little. My whole experience with MCC has been great. All the instructors want to help. I am now accepted into the RN PROGRAM this fall and graduate next may and i take my LPN boards in 3 days. The board of nursing said they would post my liscense within 24 hrs. The nclex is on monday and my job orientation is wednesday. I hope i can start as a nurse already. I am very excited and nervous. Please pray for me and i will as well for all the future nurses and nurses.
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    Good for you