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  1. I am currently in 3rd semester. One of my fellow students is having a really hard time with our instructor. I personally think it is a personality conflict, but the instructor has given instructions for this student to come up with a plan of action as to how she is going to prove that she is competent to pass in two weeks. Unfortunatley this student is not going to be giving meds or doing patient assessments within these two weeks. She will be observing in a adolescent and child unit and alcohol rehab unit. I have given her a few hints like keeping the instructor informed, writing up complete and accurate assessment paperwork. I am out of ideas, and staying to stay afloat myself. I was hoping that maybe someone out there might be able to help
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  3. by   Melina
    Did the instructor give her any clues about where she is lacking? What mistakes has she made? Organization, planning, communication, preparedness, time management? It may be a personality thing, but there is certainly something your friend needs to improve on. I would focus on what the instructor specifically sees as an issue. If she doesn't know, she should ask, personality conflict or not.

  4. by   beth38
    In speaking with her last night, she said that last week she was reviewing her meds with the instructor before giving them to her patient and a particular med was to be given or held depending on a lab result. She had stated what the patients lab was and was going to double check with the doctor prior to giving the med. She said that the instructor made her nervous and she started to open this med but was not going to give it. Now the instructor is saying that it was intent to give and she could have killed someone. And that she is not practicing at 80% consistently according to the semester evaluation. THe hard part for her is that this instructor is also her advisor and she does not feel that she can talk to her. She has in the past tried and when tried to clarify something the instructor told her that she was just trying to rationize things.I just don't know what advice to give her. She is not going to be giving meds the last two weeks of the semester, it is observation and an hour teaching that she has left to present to patients. Like I said before, I am barely surviving myself, but I feel bad because she is an LPN and does practice safely. I just hope that she can make it through the next two weeks
  5. by   kimber1985
    Med errors will fail you. But, I wouldn't think she would have to check with the doctor on the lab result? The instructor did not fail her, so she will probably make it. These instructors all are so different and each has their own peeves. Personalities do come into play.
  6. by   Leda
    If this student has been assessed as not meeting the objectives for safe medication passage then it might be prudent for the student to arrange with the instructor for an extra day (or two) on the clinical unit. This is far more important than scheduled observational experiences, which can be made up after the student has been deemed as passing clinical in the hospital setting.

    Just because the clinical instructor is also her advisor this does not mean the student is out of options for discussing the situation with another faculty member, such as the course coordinator/leader or the program director/dean. Should the student decide to go this route it is important that she first meet with the clinical instructor and make an effort to have the instructor clearly indicate where the student is falling short. Your classmate should check the grievance/grade appeal policy for your school and follow it to the letter.

    Hope everything works out.
  7. by   puggymae
    If she cannot talk to the instructor then she needs to go up the chain of command one step and talk to that person. However she really needs to talk to the instructor and find out EXACTLY what the instructor expects.