Feeling incompetent

  1. I know I'm not even halfway done with nursing school but everyday I'm in clinicals I go in there confident and come out feeling like I really wasn't prepared. I know that is nursing..that there is just ALWAYS something new to learn...but did any nurese feel like they weren't going to measure up when they got out of school or that they did not know exactley how to do everything either because you just never did it in clinicals or because you did it once probably two years ago?
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  3. by   suzy253
    Absolutely normal. And the learning never ends. I never inserted a Foley on clinicals while in school and have only just done it a couple of weeks ago....I'm a new grad! Try not to feel bad about it because it's all new and takes some time. I'm STILL learning although I'm on the floors now and off orientation. It's amazing how much you still have to learn after you finish school.
    Chin up!!!
  4. by   ERNP
    This is normal. You will likely suffer from the feelings on and off for a couple of years after you graduate and begin to practice.

    I had to find someone with experience to let me bend their ear and remind me of all the things I was doing right and without prompting. Mentors, I think is what we call them. Get one if you can find someone willing.

    I hadn't even started an IV until I was out of school for about 4 months. I was working in CCU when a little confused woman pulled hers out. I went to the desk and made an announcement.... "Oh my God, she pulled her IV out." The others just stared at me blankly and said, "Put it back in."

    I had to get out a book before I went it there. It went fine, although I did have to stick her twice.

    Again, this feeling you are having is normal. I would be more worried if you said, "My clinicals are such a drag. I already know how to do this stuff. I don't know why we have to do so many of these before we graduate."
  5. by   vrhodes
    Im starting my final 5 weeks of prac on Monday, and there is so much I still dont know. Im sure I will feel the same when I start in my new job too.

    Completely normal to feel like this. You just need to seek out supportive nurses to help you learn.