Feeling in crisis first job

  1. I really need some guidance and advice!! I took the first job I was offered right out of nursing school and I am now miserable and feeling stuck. I have a BSN. I work in a post acute care rehab. I've been there only two and a half months, I had two weeks of training which consisted of me just following an LPN. Well now things aren't good, I have an insane patient load. Usually 25-27 patients, sometimes it might be as low as 15, which is still a lot. I work as charge nurse, doing treatments, high risk meds and am required to chart Assessments for the majority of my patients, usually about 17-20. We have two med nurses that give the scheduled meds. So there is that. All the nurses stay at least 2 hours late. I don't feel supported at all. The other day I had an admission, something I had never done before, and of course they came 30 min before the end of shift. I was left to flounder by the nurse care manager. No help or guidance at all. I feel like an idiot all the time. I honestly want to cry everyday. I don't know what to do. I feel like quitting will make it hard for me to get another job. And if I do quit I know they would not give me a nice reference. I can't keep staying hours after. I have a baby at home and a husband that also works full time. I am completely drained. I want to be a good nurse and a good mom and wife. I don't feel like i am any of those things right now. Please help me! I don't know what to do.
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