1. Hi everyone,

    I am new to this forum - have been browsing threads for the last month or so since I am considering a career change from finance into nursing. I have been unhappy in finance from the start and just ended up in that industry since it paid the bills. Feel like I need to do something more fullfilling with my life. Anyway, my 2 biggest fears that are making me wonder if I should apply to nursing school are #1 - what if I make a mistake in my job as a nurse - I am now dealing with lives rather than numbers so I mistake is a bigger issue and #2 - can I get through the schooling as I was never a math or science wiz in college. I would love some feedback on this and what your experiences have been. Thanks so much.

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  3. by   Jules A
    Hi Renee,
    Welcome! Truth be told, I'm no where near a math wiz either but I really didn't think it was that tough. Its mostly the pre-reqs because the nursing classes are applying what you've already learned from your math and science classes. I would suggest taking classes that you think will be challenging as a single during that semester rather than loading up. Who knows if nursing would be your cup of tea but it sure sounds like it might haunt you if you don't at least explore it. Jules
    P.S. as for mistakes, yup, you'll make them but hopefully will be focused and confident in your knowledge so your mistakes are few and far between.
  4. by   projectsapphire
    Thanks for your quick response Jules. That is what I was hoping as the prereq's I think I could take one or two at a time which would make them easier to handle. The mistake thing is obviously more of a concern, but I understand what you are saying. If I focus in school to know the material well, I would imagine that confidence would come from that and time on the job, right? I don't know what your take on prayer is, but I guess this is where I also ask for guidance so as to make sure I am making the right decision. Thanks so much for your feedback.
  5. by   Ann RN
    We have all made mistakes. We would not be human if we didn't. We learn from them, and become better nurses. Explore a few cirriculums, spend a few hours "shadowing" nurses in different hospitals - this may help. It's a great profession.
  6. by   projectsapphire
    Thanks Ann. I have attended an anatomy lab as that will be one of the prereq's i will have to take - wanted to make sure I could handle the class and the need to deal with the less pleasant parts of being in the medical field. I seemed to be ok. My next step is to go with a friend or two to shadow them at work for a day. I agree that this would be a big help in determining whether its something I would like to pursue. It sounds like there are so many avenues a nurse can take which I never realized before. Although it will not be easy, it does seem like a field I would enjoy while also being able to give back.